2006 was a good year. From Booty shows, to the Suits and Shields party at Adrift with Satva, to a reality TV show. I cant complain… But I can pop a bottle of the bubbly tonight with friends. To you and yours, enjoy the end of 06, and prepare for a visual takeover in 07 by your boy Clay.


RIP Saddam Hussein

Im here at home, warm and full of vegetarian spaghetti listening to the news. It states that Saddam Hussein will be executed by hanging, tonight at 10pm Toronto Time. I think back to Bush’s War On Diversion, and the attempt to catch this man, who I admit has done some fucked up things, but is anything you do worth your death? To some, yes, but is that true punishment? In the old days it was ” kill em all, let god sort them out”. But what if the afterlife is determined by your soul, and not what youve done in the little time while on earth? Then in Saddam’s case, he’ll be just fine because his eternity is whatever he sees fit. What if there really isnt a god, and he disappears into an inknown abyss and it all doesnt matter? What a waste of a judicial system huh? If he’s truly guilty, treat him like a prisioner and rehabilitate, and not like a witch with cement boots. We as the new world, should be past this by now.
I may be the only man I know who says this, but Rest in peace Saddam.