My homie Misk ( BA Crew) just sent me his new site! Shows a hell of alot of art that he’s done in the past. I met him around 2001 while we were putting his show up at Recon (middle pic) and he always has amazed me with his 3d style, as well as his creativity with his canvases. Highly recommend passing through http://www.misk1.com… Also, a certain cat ( myself) may have a Misk surprise for y’all this spring. Stay tuned.

note: also in the middle pic is Colin Miller’s Dog, Quinn. RIP Quinneth Paltrow, you were the best.



And no, its not the new Toronto party on the 31st at the Social with TEAM CANADA. But it is a pair of slammin kicks my girl Jennilee made for Es. She says she wanted to do the Accel because its a strong seller and she wanted to give it a color way with POW! I just got a pair of these bad boys in the mail from her, looking forward to testing them with the DK Fury this summer… Thanks Jennilee! From what I hear, these are the first of many to come from this Van-City bombshell…

Its Official

So yesterday I went to Tiffany and grabbed Jo’s ring. What an experience. Looking at all the diamond dreams to be made, kept, broken, forgotten, and embraced. I realized I was making a huge decision, but the right one. I found the perfect ring for her and us and presented it to her yesterday, along with our friend Amber, who helped me place it in front of her while we drank a few red wine sangria’s. She was stoked. And now I share our dream with you…


Holy S%&T last night was hot, and it wasnt the temperature in this cold ass city but the summertime party my boys at Top Shelf threw. DJ Fase was wrecking with 70’s to 90’s summerbangers… the place was rammed, and the only photo’s in my possesion was from the 44 year old photobooth. However, Zach at Take More Photos was shooting driveby’s all night.

Hanni, peep the cap, that’s the best piece in my closet…

Faesthetic #6

Ive said this before, but I feel strong about this one. faesthetic magazine released #6 late last year including cover to cover art by ( in order of appearance) Derek Ballard, Aye Jay, Michael Sieben, royalremarkableTM, Maya Hayuk, Michelle Blade, A Purdy, Brad Askew, hellovon, Matthew Peinado, Mansi Shah, Clayton Rochemont, Alexis Mackenzie, Hello Brute, NoPattern, Katy Horan, Maria Forde, Heiko, Jim Koch, Kelsey Brookes, Jason Wasserman, Reynaldo Vasquez, Chrissie Abbott, Blair Kelly, Abe Lincoln Jr. vs Outbreak, Aaron Winters, Peskimo, Steven Harrington, Robin Cameron, James Braithwaite, Ytje Veenstra, Ryan Riss, Mike Deye, Biff Baxter, James Hill, Irana Douer, Jens Andersson, Damien Correll, Andrea Campbell, Product HK, Howie Tsui, Kristy Milliken, Jaimie Reed, Matt Curry vs. eThos, Jonathan A. Murphy, Andy Rementer, Salvatore Schiciano, SteakMtn, Tiny Industries, Jason Brunson, Devious, Arran Ridley, Jennifer Garcia, Johannes Ekholm, Anke Weckmann, DopePope, M.J. Holland, saru.org, Scott Barry, Toby Neilan, Warren Heise, David Trumpf, Junichi Tsuneoka, Tomson Jenker, Ryan Santos, Matthew Robinson, Darin Bendall, Christopher Sleboda, Adam Garcia, Jeremyville, Josh Hassin, Jason Polan, Hiro Kurata, LaChienne, Zach Johnsen, Matthew Robinson, Ric Stultz, Gliese vs. Matthew Barnes, Colin Henderson, Will Ainley, Kim Scafuro, Prateā„¢ Computer Channel, Randy Laybourne, Office Supplies Inc., Superblast, Niall McClelland, Matthew Chapman, Martin Vallin, UPSO, Myron Macklin & Mike Giant.

if you are a lover or collector of street art and releated products, grab the mag at http://www.faesthetic.com. As a bonus, if you get it and mail it to me, ill sign my page for you and will send it back. email me at clay@hxfour.com if you have a copy.