Well and Good

M One 11 on Queen Street west is rebranding themselves into a new Clothing / Gallery shop called ” Well and Good”. I was asked to do the new logo, and possibly help out with the look of the location. I went for a Saks 5th Ave, meets Mr. Cartoon…
In the fine words of Fatsarazzi… ” Be Well”


Get Well Sarah…

Sarah Taylor, Much Music VJ and Toronto Party Celebrity had to have emergency brain surgery on Wednesday in Las Vegas. She was there covering all-star weekend ( and I assume Magic) when she fell, and was hospitalized. There was a pressure on her brain, but the reasons are unknown.

From all of us at the schemes, get well hun. We’ll see you soon cat-walking Queen West  !

300 Toronto, Chicago, San Francisco

Found this on myspace, if anyone in Toronto / Chicago / or San Fran is dying to see 300, add BLACK CURTAIN to your myspace top friends, print out your home page and go see the movie Feb21st. The Toronto show is John / Richmond at the paramount.
Get there early as im sure there will be a line, but hey… its free. Doors open at 6:30pm

Hummingbird Fan

Saw a new type of fan onliine that caught my attention:

Its based on the principle of a hovering hummingbird ! The device has 2 wings which oscillate at around 10 bits/sec. During the oscillation the wings are rotated 2 times to generate a smooth breeze. Very low energy consumption.

Check the animated movie here: http://www.erfinde.de/bilder/art_link/art31_link134.mov

Designer: erfinde GmbH
Made in: Germany