The Airbus

I was checking out shit online when I came across THIS. Its a quicktime VR of a very classy airbus, what a way to travel. For those who dont know what a VR is, its a 360 degree virtual reality tour, go check it out, its pretty dope.


HX4 Presents…

This Friday night, im throwing it back old school with a hip hop night at 751 Queen West in Toronto. We’ll be throwing bow’s, droppin it like its hot, and getting exceptionally hyphy…

Streets Toronto Premier!

In the summer, we had a visit from my boys Satva Leung, and Carlos along with the Ricta team. They were here to film a DVD called Streets Toronto, as part of their series. It was one of the craziest times i’ve had in a while, those cats live very fast lives. It seemed once they got home, they settled down and got to work, and produced an amazing DVD that will be premiering on April 7th at 10pm at JUNCTION. 2341 Dundas West, Toronto. click here for the trailer. I’ll be there…

ST Patricks Day

On March 17th 1978 Richard Wayne Rochemont watched as Sandra Lynn Rochemont gave birth to Clayton Alexander Rochemont. She had many previous attempts to give birth with no luck, nearly had no luck this time, and one attempt thereafter, also with no luck. Id say im pretty damn lucky to be sitting here today, but that would be an understatement. Life has been far more than a rollercoaster, Ive pretty much parted the red sea and lived to tell the story. I thank all those who helped, saved, took me in, kicked me out, listened to me rant, watched me cry, and made me smile.

Every experience in life whether good or bad forces you to make a decision, that decision points you in a direction. That direction is your choice to follow and the outcome is who you are right now. Ive made bad decisions, but wouldnt change them for anything, as I may not be in this position as we speak. Today I celebrate the experience of living to be a 29 year old Male, trust me it wasnt easy.