I Warned You

Theres a new sherrif in town. Let Toronto know United Fronts.


1776 steps

SO yesterday I climbed the stairs of the CN tower to raise money for the World Wildlife Foundation’s fight against Global Warming. To be honest when watching An Inconvienient Truth, the part that hit me the most was hearing about the polar bears in the Arctic. That really is what made me want to run for this cause. I ran / hiked up 1776 steps in 17 minutes and 6 seconds. I couldnt believe it, but I’ll beat it next year.

Heres myself, Shaan, Chris, and Dave. Our team of 4… However we had 9 teams of 4, all sponsored by Virgin at $500 a team.. nice job Virgin Mobile Canada!

And my tee with the official time. Front of the tee says ” HOTTER Than I Should Be”. I encourage anyone who has the chance to take this cause very seriously and do what you can to help cease it. I do, and think about my kids future ( who arent born yet ) and make sure that they live as nice a life as I have. To see ways of helping, or to donate, theres a website called www.flickoff.org. Check it out, it helps old habits die hard…

Just woke up

I woke up this morning, and about 2 min into it the doorbell rings with another package for me. This time from fellow Scheemer Joe D. This time I knew what was in the package because I practically begged him for it.

I was ready to see my new favorite tee… Buying some dickies and chucks for this one…

Thanks Joe. You rock, youll see a print in the mail soon.

In other news, I’ll be making the trek up a 1450 foot building called the CN TOWER. We’re running up the stairs for the World Wildlife Foundation, to raise money for Global Warming. I think its around 1800 steps, Im planning to try it in 15 min, average is 1/2 hour, world record is 7 min. Im a bit scared. OK, really scared.

I Heart Jennilee

My friend jennilee at Timebomb Trading in Vancouver sent me a package today… I wonder what it is?

I guessed pretty quickly… And got pretty darned excited to see what she’s made now.

These are so sick. ES Rodrigo TX Canada only model, designed by Jennilee with her bare mind.. A huge thank you to Jennilee, and Timebomb for these… Going on my feet today for the good weather. I bet mine are the only in canada to come with Hello Kitty Candy. Suckas!

Available in Toronto at Adrift, but limited to 7 pairs only ( from what my super reliable source says)

Get Up!

Clocky, Everybody. Everybody, meet Clocky.

Clocky is an alarm clock. He gives you one chance to get up. But if you snooze, Clocky will jump off of your nightstand and wheel around your room looking for a place to hide. Clocky is kind of like a misbehaving pet, only he will get up at the right time. If youre not a morning person, im sure this pet wont last too long before its in pieces…