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Hot damn it’s been a good weekend. My boy DJ Platurn from the Oakland Faders came into town to do the Shuffle Party along side Team Canada. If you havent been to one and are in Toronto, its the last friday of the month at Revival. CALENDAR THAT BWOY.

Lets get it started. First off, I didnt realize it but , DJ Ztrip bombs with sharpie’s. Check out the underarm throwie he did last week in the green room at the club.

We came into the spot at 10pm, did sound check, and then went up there to the green room for about a half hour. When we came down it was like this:

Rammed. Team Canada lit it up, they are super rad to watch live. From left to right thats Grandtheft, Platurn, and DR. No

The bottles of vodka just kept coming up on stage, we ended up getting pretty faded. OAKLAND!

Zara and Jo ( My hunny bunny) were even getting hyphy on stage with us! Speaking of hyphy, I had to get up to the front of the stage and let these Canadian Shufflers know how The Bay do…

While I was going stupid , dumb , retarded the promoters we’re sitting back and enjoyng the ride on the yellow bus Platurn was giving them. The man mixed the Inspector Gadget Theme, With Tell Me When To Go, I lost it! These cats however, just chilled and let the ladies drive… Check out the grill!

Dr.No and Platurn doing something, I think my camera was just as Lit as I.

Amazing Night. Platurn is in Boston tonight, then Montreal, hit up his myspace for his tour schedule, youll wanna see him play. he’s back in Toronto on Wednesday night at Crosstown on Bathurst at Queen, and AGAIN ON THURSDAY at a private party im throwing at 751 Queen W. Drop by, and mention the schemes to get in… below is the crosstown flyer, roll through and GO DUMB.

A Long Weekend

It was a crazy weekend. It started at 4am Saturday morning, when we were woken up by our doorbell ringing over and over. We were hella scared, turns out it was our downstairs neighbor Bob, showing us this.

Broken deck, and my bike gone. I was super sad, and went for a 4am walk looking for it. Clearly didnt find it, but I may get lucky in the future. I had a bit of money on the side, so we went and looked for a new one. I walked out of Hogtown Sports with this beauty:

Its the 24 inch version of the bike I had stolen that night. I was stoked, and got it for a great deal. Time to ride

My Fiancee Jo and I rode around our neighborhood, and up near the Danforth. Theres so many amazing houses and areas up there

On the way home, we rode through Regent Park. Its a housing complex built in the 40’s for low income residents which lies next door to the houses above. It was extremely poorly built, and not only the architecture, or materials. The design and layout is extremely dangerous to the point where its nearly a labyrinth of housing with very few streets flowing through it, only around the perimiter. if there were an emergency, or accident its almost impossible to find out where the yells, or ruckus is coming from. This makes it the perfect place for crime. In the heart of the area, lays this beautiful little park, which really touched my heart.

I live on one of the borders of Regent Park, and its shady sometimes with gunshots or crime, but I love my neighborhood. Its truly the only one I have lived in where theres an actual community. People who care for one another, and try to better themselves. Its sad to know it may not be here long, and neither will its people.

Take care.

Sam Flores:

FECAL FACE stopped by my homie Sam’s studio in SF to check out the work for his upcoming show which I believe is tomorrow in LA. Click here to check it out, its got an awesome video included, and shows a 1/1 toy made for Sam. $$$!

he’s one dude I really miss hanging out with since leaving SF, the guy drips creativity and is super inspiring. We gotta kick it Sam!