The Simpsons

They never cease to amaze me…

check out some of my favorite people in yellow.

Also, go to The Simpsons Movie Site to create your own simpson character…


The CN Tower Is Back!

OK. Since being on the tv show, ive been a huge fan of a few new things. One being architecture, and high end design and another being installation art. Now, until this year I had never been up the CN tower, but I ran up it for Global Warming research. That was fun and all, but the tower wasnt so exciting, as the CN tower isnt really as big a statement as it was when I was younger. It used to get me excited, and it was the coolest thing in Toronto. Now , blah.

I was riding home the other night, and saw something that absolutley amazed me. The tower was lit as an art installation, it had lights flowing up and down it in amazing sequences and beautiful colors. They have reinvented the CN Tower. Now ( pardon my language) its fucking fabulous again. Congratulations Toronto on bringing the CN Tower back.

My Fiancee The Thug.

So the other day I get a call from Jo ( My fiancee) asking what the serial number for my bike was. I had a bike stolen a few weeks back, and its in a previous post. I reply ” not sure, why”. Jo informs me she is standing in front of it, and its being sold in Moss park.

Moss park is kind of a ghetto area with numerous apartment buildings, a fruit stand and a haven for hot bikes.

I told her id call the cops, if she just stays there, and I do. Cops are now on their way to help her, and I call back. Jo has already taken the bike from the guy selling it, and is walking it home…

This story represents a) the kharma im selling for $5000 a pound. and b) the fact that my fiancee is a ruthless thug. The guy asks which bike shes talking to me about, she points at my orange beauty, he says ” take it, just take it”, so she does…

Thank you my love, you always have suprises for me.

She’s stripped of most decals, but shes home alas.