4 Elements photos part 2

And now here is the bedouin Soundclash afterparty at State Theater. Man, it was dope. Questlove was supposed to spin, but last minute couldnt make it. They had to step it up and grab Maseo from De La Soul instead!

I met a bunch of great people at the Harbourfront, and kicked it with them all night. We got toasty off the bottle service. and danced the night away. Even had camera fights with people at the club, sniping photos all night…

Maseo got on the decks and the party got started!

Yeah! my boy Matte from Much Music and myself.

aaand the camera fight… Snap them before they snap you.

This weekend was amazing. Looking forward to my next live painting event, Warped Tour in Barrie Ontario August 11th for the Keep A breast Foundation. http://www.keep-a-breast.org


4 Elements photos part 1

Ok. This weekend was incredibly NUTS. I was asked by my boy Dave to paint live during the 4 Elements show at the Harbourfront , and then got a bunch of guestlist passes for the Bedouin Soundclash -Rogers picnic afterparty at State Theater. In Toronto this weekend between Wakestock, the Rogers Picnic and Harbourfront, we had De La Soul, Bedouin Soundclash, Bad Brains, The Roots, Team Canada,Lupe Fiasco, etc. so I knew we were in for a BIG weekend. Lets start the film roll…

My sketch for my logo style piece.

In DJ MP3’s Impala on the way to harbourfront. he’s a sick DJ from Detroit.

And we’re here

I painted with Water One, Phresha, Spotter, and Elicsr. Phresha and Elicsr did some dope faces, while water and spotter collabed on a 3d/classic style canvas. I did a “4 Elements” logo piece in the middle.

Water and Spotter’s piece on Day 1. Water did the 3D

and Phresha with Elicsr

and mine.Im not too thrilled about it, I should have scaled the 4 up quite a bit. oh well…

It was an awesome time. Im going to post the afterparty pics as well, stay tuned.

4 Elements

Anybody that knows me, also knows that I hate the term “4 Elements” when it comes to my art, or music. However, this weekend it really fits the meaning and stays true to it.

This Friday Saturday and Sunday¬† the Harbourfront Center is hosting a pretty badass event that im quite proud to be a part of. I’ll make it really really simple – Friday starting at 8pm we have Lord Finesse, Grand Wizard Theodore, Busy Bee and the Fantastic Five…. F R E E. Saturday and sunday the fetivities continue, with myself and Water One painting live all afternoon. Come on through, itll be bad ass!
Also if youre an early bird this Friday Morning, check out City TV’s Breakfast Television from 6am – 9am and youll see myself and Elicser painting a mural live. Blip!

All other info, click here.

Mexico Photography Exhibit

Last night was the opening for Claudio Bianchi’s Photography Exhibit – MEXICO. I curated the show, and did the design work for the invites, etc. It was a great night, with a fantastic turnout. Free Chicken taquitos and the most amazing Guacamole you ever THOUGHT about making. Yes it was that good… A BIG shoutout to Kylee at Ukula for all the hard work she put in…

The chalk sign I made on the fly.

DJ Sushi Mayne!

Kylee holding down the bar…

The man of the night, Claudio…

And some of his work.

Jo and Rybon all snuggly like. Robyn is a dope artist too…

Dont listen to this guy, he’s full of BAD IDEAS.

Bboy legends Heist and Jedi art installation.

The party started going off and the night ended quietly, and flawless. word.

It Aint Where You From…

Its Where You At.

And Im currently living in Toronto with my Fiancee, Johanna. We took a ride down to The Beaches area, where its absolutley beautiful. So beautiful our bikes got snuggly and I caught them in mid-kiss…

Jo found a new friend in the water.

We went to Licks and got some veggie burgers and took them back to this spot, its a pretty awesome view of the skyline.

Jo posing as the new Licks Girl.

Licks makes the best fast food veggie burger Evah!!

had to get a pic with my girl Lake Ontario

on the way back home, we stopped by the Distillery District¬† to grab a couple lemonade’s at my favorite secret coffee spot. The distillery is an amazing little area, where lots of Old movie style films are shot. Just look at it, amazing.

And this is Balzac’s, my coffee joint. Its so rad in there, great people, great coffee and upstairs they have a great gallery space.

So where im at is a pretty amazing city. I like to share it sometimes, and give y’all a Toronto nobody sees, now you know where to go when you come visit. HX4, outtie!