Phase 2 has launched!

For the past 2 years I’ve been laying low, not curating shows, not participating in art events, etc. The reason why is because I’ve been truly trying to figure out a way that I can remain a fine artist, but still do digital work. Ive been illustrating vector graphics as art pieces for the past 2 years, with plans to create limited edition prints, etc and what ive decided to do is the following:

For 7 vector graphic pieces, I printed ONE gallery scale archival quality giclee on 100% cotton paper stock. After that, the file was backed up and put away never to be printed again. This way I can offer to the public digital fine art, limited to one piece only. Just as if I had painted an original.

The twist is, I will not show any of these pieces in a gallery ( with the exception of “Screaming Stoned” which is currently hanging in Ukula’s gallery in Toronto). They will only be available to the public via paypal through . This way I feel everyone is equal, and you won’t have to visit an opening to purchase these pieces. Plus this way I can keep the pricing as low as possible, as not giving gallery commission makes it cheaper for the public.

Also, on I am offering the first “Who’s The Fairest” mirror. I was hesitant to put it up for sale, but overcame the emotional attachment. More mirrors will appear on the site as I have a lot being produced, but will be few and far in between. For that project I am focusing on retail boutiques in the US and Canada to sell them.



“Who’s The Fairest” Mirror.

My newest design. The “Who’s The Fairest” mirror is a black mirror using a 1/4 inch thick piece of ultra high gloss acrylic and casing it in a vintage frame. I can customize to any size, including floor standing and with any framing. The model shown is 28×42 and retails at $500 cdn.

Mirror Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Well, you of course in a reflection so good it looks fake. for details and to custom order

Photo by Nick Simhoni.

and for the non-believers. heres from MY digital camera…

Warhol vs. Banksy

this is HUGE.

Pollock Fine Art in association with The Hospital present the first exhibition anywhere, of over 40 mixed media works by Banksy and Andy Warhol.

The show opens tomorrow at The Hospital. 24 Endell Street. London. For info visit

For doing a show of this magnitude, I give all the praise I have to banksy. he is our modern day Picasso in my opinion, However Im incredibly jealouse Banksy… great job.

Illustration Anatomy

Right now im illustrating a pretty fun graphic for my homie Neal at It’s a skateboard footage website where users can upload their footage and share vids, pretty rad. I wont show you the bulk of it just yet, but will show the steps taken to get the videocamera portion done. All in Illustrator, including the shading…