New Vintage Bike

Went to a garage sale today where I met an amazing couple. they had this bike for sale, and didnt know too much about it. I bought it, and then looked online. Its a 3-speed internal hub Raleigh Superbe, built in May of 1973 in Nottingham, England. All original parts except the seat, it even has a front light thats powered with an internal generator through the front wheel’s movement, and a fork lock built in. Wow.

We got it for $25. I plan on making it look as beautiful as it did when it was shipped in from England. I have yet to name it, if you can think of anything let me know, also if you know more about this beauty than I, id love to hear about it.
Heres my new friend:

an advertisement I found today:


Logo design and marketing

I was asked to brainstorm concepts for a gallery idea a friend was thinking about. She has a condo in downtown Toronto and wants to convert it into a space for art to be shown, my idea was to pitch the gallery strictly to the condo’s residents to bring community into the condo space. A place to meet your neighbors, have some wine and see art hanging in a place very similar to your own. There are 200 or so units, and I bet very few know each other.

She also asked that I come up with a logo for the space. I thought about something thats classic, and screams community but is not found in modern day apartment owning / living. A door knocker, illustrated in a 50’s art deco way, to show the way community was back then and the goal we have for this space today. The gallery name is “Sweet 1225” as the owners last name is Waffle, and wants to play on that. Its simple but the story behind it I found interesting… enjoy.

Christian Island

This past weekend Jo and I visited Christian Island, just north of Barrie, Ontario. It was amazing, and I have the pics to prove it. Its native owned land with custom built cottages by architects, industrial designers, etc so its beautiful. My camera’s battery ran out after the first day so I didnt get too many pics other than the beach, so lets check out the beach…

On the way I saw a dope spider…

We were with friends of ours and their 3 kids. This is Wyatt, whom we took to the beach on this particular day, hes awesome!

We had alot of fun with him

Its strange, i’ve never visited a tropical island , but im sure it looks alot like this

And we strolled in the sunset… We’re aiming forĀ  next year and we’ll have our own spot on the island.

Take Back The Night

Jo and I were getting ready to have some fun tonight at Fuck Faces, and Lee’s palace’s Opopo show when we heard this crazy racket outside. In our neighborhood its quite normal, so at first we didnt respond, but then we heard music, megaphones, whistles, etc and got curious. When we went outside we witnessed this…

Jo, my fiancee was really excited when we found out what the deal was and in respect of the topic, and who the woman I love is, im giving her the keys to the blog to write to y’all about this amazing protest. Over to you Jo…

Johanna – ” Women and children it’s time for you to take back the night! This incredible event is an annual march in protest against violence towards women and children. Various Toronto based agency/organizations, survivors and supporters rally together and march along toronto’s streets after dark, with each step moving us closer to security once the sun goes down, a violent free existence and overall equality. As a young woman and a strong feminist I was overwhelmed to witness so many strong, confident, beautiful women standing up for something that should have been abolished years ago. Hell, something that should have never existed in the first place.

To all you strong women and real men lets take back the night and create a world free of violence.”

Held exposure from my steps

More info on Take back The Night can be found HERE

Last but finally not least, a big happy birthday to Noah, aka BAD IDEA. We’ll see you soon homie.