Missing In Action

Im going to be M.I.A for a little while doing a ton of tee shirts for the Rob&Big fansite, and branding a hot new group called Lets Go To War… I’ll have alot to show once I can release the imagery.


Nuit Blanche

From 7pm until 7am Saturday night Toronto was in party mode 100% with Nuit Blanche. A dope art exhibit that takes over the entire city. A million were estimated to show up and join in, many bars had their liquor license extended until 4 am and we had a blast!

I didnt get many pics ( as I forgot my camera) but heres my two favorite spots. #1 was a video installation from inside this shop. The artist made it look as if it filled up with water, and eventually prehistoric fish started swimming around. people across the street thought it was real…

My second favorite was from my boys at Top Shelf MF throwing a FREAKIN BLOCK PARTY on Queen West. Hundreds gathered as these Montreal DJ’s ( I cant remember their names) held it down. We left before Scratch Bastid got on, but im sure he ripped it!

Jo and DJ Butterpants ( aka Jeffro the brother in law, by law and not for the law)

What a night. We packed vodka in with perrier and drank in the streets all night. The one thing I missed was old Bay station. an old subway station that had a sound installation to make it feel haunted. Some of the sounds were below human hearing so you only felt weird. would have been cool, but the lineup was around the block like a lakers game….