Dec 13th, Toronto

More artists are being added daily, this ones going to be BIG., REALLY B I G.



Im currently co-curating an event with Well And Good ( and Transmitter Studios ( called Rise. Its a fundraiser for Sketch ( and we’re going to raise $10,000 for them. The event is Dec 13th in Toronto , and i’ll give you guys more info very soon. Some really BIG artists in there as well as BIG BIG Dj’s…

Logo I created for the event…

Still working on the Rob and Big t-shirt line, 2 more tees to go and they’ll be ready.

American Gangster

As much as im ready to see the film, this post is about Jay-Z’s new album with the same title. I copped a preview of the album, and its pretty…gangster.

Bassline on Hello Brooklyn makes me want 15’s sittin on 24’s.

Album drops November 6th, grab it its worth it. Theres also a great review with a track breakdown at one of my favorite sites Wake Your Daughter Up