Andrew Olmsted’s Final Post.

There is a man named Andrew Olmsted who fought as a soldier, I suppose in Iraq. He kept a blog at for the past 5 years. To be honest, I dont know much about it, as I stumbled on its final post today, but its touching. In the event of Andrew’s death, he put his trust in a friend to upload a final post he had written previously. Im sad to say that post went up on Jan 4th, 2008.

Now, being the only post I have read from him, I can say Andrew was a smart guy. He writes well, and has a sense of style and humor. I suggest you read it as its a nice introduction to a man who had a grasp on the potential outcome of his life and completely accepted it. I respect that a lot.

Read it here:



Heres the full Rob & Big Tee Lineup designed by yours truly. Click on an image to bring you to the store.

If you want to do your own Rob&Big tee, submit your design through THREADLESS HERE:

Rob&Big Website launch!

As most of you know, all throughout December Ive been working for Rob Dyrdek of MTV’s Rob & Big. Its an amazing show, and these guys are some of the dopest people I’ve met. They launched Season 3 last night in the US as well as Seasons 1 and 2 on DVD, and it launches here in Canada on the 15th. ( DVD’s were out in Canada yesterday tho)

I am super proud to be a part of this, as I designed 10 t-shirts and the fan club package ( Tee, keychain, Bumper Sticker, and photo) for them. Fanclub package you can grab now( seen below), and there will be pre-orders for the 10 full color process tee’s on Thursday. There are some hot ones, including 2 Collabs with Vladimir Kato of Top Shelf MF, and Fuct.

We’re Baaack!

I hope y’all didnt miss us too much.

Its been a crazy month. Theres so much to tell, but still have to keep a small zipper on my mouth. I’ll get into a couple projects Ive been on:

1. EH TEAM DJ’s!

These cats are great. My boy’s Raph and Aaron aka DR ONE and Grandtheft of TEAM CANADA hooked me up with a small project with a nice big impact. I designed a stage poster for the EH TEAM DJ’S right before their show with Lupe Fiasco at Circa in Toronto. The Eh Team consists of Team Canada, Jr. Flo, DJ Illo, DJ Pump and Hedspin. They rocked it at Circa, heres a pic or two of my work.

2. Now for the big stuff. I finished doing the entire line of T-Shirts for Rob Dyrdek of ROB AND BIG. We did 10 tee’s plus a fan club package for the youngsters and it came out great. As soon as it launches on, i’ll put them up here. in the meantime, heres a teaser of the style you’ll be able to grab, full color process on tees. Huge deal!

This ones a collab between myself and Vladimir kato.

3. Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

We rescued a young Corgi / Boston terrier mutt named Lucy from a pound in Ohio. She was set to be put down, death row steez and we swooped her up and saved her life. She’s an amazing pup.

Anyone looking to adopt an animal, I recommend you visit the humane society, theyre pretty stacked with cute animals right now…

Well, thats it for now, but catch me soon. I’ll be posting like a mofo!