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Bachelor Weekend

Off to Niagara Falls tonight with 9 friends to have a little fun for my last weekend of single life status.
Marriage happens next weekend in Toronto , and I think it’ll be a fabulous event. Lots of friends and family are traveling in, celebrity guest appearances, and even a couple schemers. word.

Wish me luck tonight.


so It took me a while to do this, but apple sucks. And they dont care about us.

I ordered an imac on http://www.apple.ca/store on April 2nd, as my computer crashed, etc etc etc. I needed one fast, so I tacked on the 2 day shipping ad thought I was good to go. I did it by wire, as most of you know an engaged man’s Credit Card is never empty, when wedding is close, so I figured it was the way to go.

Heres what happened.

Day 1: April 2

Placed the order by phone, was told he amount and the details to wire. It happened to be the same bank as me, so I went there and rocked the wire within the hour.

Day 2: April 3

Called to check if they got it. ( technically within the same bank, it would be immediate)

No go. Havent recieved it. No worries.

Day 3. April 4th

Still no go. I was wondering so caused a bit of a stir to search for it. They DO see the wire, but are telling me it was done wrong and to call the bank. OK.

I call the bank. All is good, only one way to do a wire, apple is crazy.

Day 4. Call Apple back, they still give me this weird we did it wrong thing, BUT they can see the money has reached them. Why Im not being shipped a computer right there, I dont know. 1st manager I spoke to. “were figuring it out, blah blah blah”. Thats after I started from the begionning and they had to find the order in the first place. It seems they didnt take any notes on their customers calls.

Day 5. Call apple again, they still are having issues, and cant find my order and then try the ” we didnt get the wire yet”. I am transferred to another manager and still computer hasnt been shipped. They have now taken off the “fast shipping” charge after I bitch a bit. Promised an email from the manager so id have contact info to be able to reference. Never came.
Day 6. Still no go. No computer, hasnt been shipped , no email from manager, no calls stating anything. Im getting pissed.

Day 7 ( All design clients on hold for 1 week)

Call again, threatening to cancel. Kid manager gets on, is very scared and promising. Says he’ll get to the bottom of it, has friends in the cash dept. Never does. I say “CANCEL”. he says ok.

No save, doesnt care that Apple is losing $1300.00 ( peanuts im sure) says okay. But we’ll issue a check in 30 days. I freak out and tell him he better get to the bottom of this and get me a check asap or send me to the apple store to pick up my machine.

Day 8. Cancelled. Got a message on the phone from kid manager who states a check will be expedited immediately and will be expressed to me. I go to the apple store and buy a Imac as my clients have been waiting long enough. ( approx $3000 worth of work here)

Days 9-19

No check. I call today, manager tells me 30 days. Notes were made to “TRY” and expedite it express but wasnt. MAX is 30 days. I then finally ask, “So, what can you do for me”. she replies “unless you have an order pending now, nothing”. I replied, “DO you think I’d ever order again from here?”Amazing customer service huh?

Note to Apple Computers:

6000 readers a month read this. Check my client list. It will never slow down apple sales because you make a great product. However, you TRULY need to up your customer service dept and truly have a process for when YOU MESS UP. I will NEVER buy directly from Apple again, ad I did go and buy a new imac regardless of your crappy service. I am still $1300.00 out right now and am getting married in 2 weeks.

Thanks a lot.

Clay Rochemont


ps – The new imac is freezing at startup.