Cool Kids

Just copped the Bake Sale Album from itunes. A lot of the tracks have been heard previously but still, its bad ass to hear the small remixes theyve added. If the rumours are true,theyll have a lot of fun at Roc-a-fella


I Heart Getting Mail…

I got mail today! ( like real mail, not bills or chinese food flyers)

as soon as I saw the label, I knew if was from my bestest friend in the west. Jennilee from TimeBomb Trading…

I opened the box to an Emerica logo… Shoes!!!!! ( She designed them)

There was a note ( I really didn’t have much input). and on Pantone paper, so chic.

These came out sick! Definitely rockable this summer. Jennilee is my best friend in Vancouver than I havent truly met yet. The internet is awesome and as is she.

Thanks hun, they’re amazing. Youre keeping snail mail alive…

Check out Jennilee’s photo blog at


Just finished the branding and design for a hot new restaurant in toronto called GRACE. Located on College / Palmerston (

Directed and Designed the logo, cards, and menu’s. I really attempted to capture the “modern farmhouse” quality Grace has accomplished. Bringing an old style logo and textured stock, with slick modern type and embossing accents, Also added a pantone metallic that matches the spaces accent walls.

cheese and dessert menu

part 3

On our last night we went to the Faena Hotel And Universe for a tango show and dinner. It’s Buenos Aires most prestigious hotel and is Designed by my favorite designer, Philippe Starck. for better images of the hotels rooms, check out the site

The Library Lounge

the amazing bathroom. Look at the swan sinks!

and my favorite part. The dining room… Philippe Starck is brilliant.

Back to our room we go. Our apartment in San Telmo was amazing, and cheap! only $250 us per week…

All in all a lovely trip we had. Good to be home tho, and good to be back to work.

Part 2

Some more in Buenos Aires…


And I really dug this bike rack design…

Ok the food. Food in Buenos Aires is incredible, especially beef. We did find a veggie restaurant ( theres only 1) but the majority of our eating was meat…

This is a sweet bean patty from Comedor Nikkai. a japanese restaurant.

they really love their sweets. these pastrys are $1 peso each, about $.30 cents… Dulche filled goodness. The beer behind it is Quilmes, the beer of choice in Argentina. In a bar an uno litro is about $6 pesos. $2 cdn!!

pie design.

menu design

This is Cemetario de la Recoleta. an eerie place where the rich bury their loved ones. Their are lanes and lanes of tombs, most with glass, caskets revealed, etc. some go down 20 or so feet underground. Such a cool place…

Eva “EVITA” Peron’s tomb

We were there the day after her birthday, so a lot of love was around.

Stay tuned for part 3

Wedding and Argentina Honeymoon. Part 1…

Well, its over. Im a married man to a lovely woman that I adore. Life has thrown twists and curves, but somehow pointed me in the right direction. We had a great time, and plenty of friends came down. Including special star minister, Mike Giant. See the rebel8 blog for his take on the trip to Toronto, Teao my good friend from Audiopharmacy came up and Joe D from the schemes came up ( thanks dudes, im sorry we couldnt kick it more) and DJ Platurn who totally rocked my crowd all night long… Luke, youre a true friend homie. Thank you.

We left for Argentina the day after, and got back yesterday. Heres my take on the amazing city of Buenos Aires…

First and foremost, HOLY SHIT its amazing. Lets start with the artwork. The FILETEADORA’S who are the sign painters are awesome. I bought a book and will make my attempt to make hxfour filete designs in the future. Heres some of my favs that we passed by.

Even McD’s ….

The graffiti scene is ill too. My fav was by this dude Elodio ( )

Alot of the other street stuff was great tho.

This just looked dope

“Post No Bills”

Stay tuned for part 2…