New Logo Steez

Im constantly trying to re-invent my logo and identity. I think I really just get bored, and am waiting for the right one. Heres a lil timeline of what its been…

2004, when I started the company.

The font “Scriptina” hadn’t been used at that time, but it caught on quick. So change was in order.

2005-2007. I designed this one at the same time as I did the “Game Over” graphics. A crazy party we threw in Toronto with clothing brands Reason, Mishka, and The Hundreds. Fun night, and got a logo out of it, I used for a couple years…

But now, Im simplifying everything, and trying to keep it all chill. Nice font work with glitches here and there, and slammin colors like a 1984 T&C surf tee.

So in 2008, I’ll be using the following. Gotta update now…


Marry Me Mug

While Im brawlin’ out with my Brass Knuckles mug. (see ” Punch Start Your Day”)

My wife would be a little more feminine with the Marry Me mug by Knock Knock Design. They say the idea is to hint to your partner that youd like to get married, but I feel Its more of a reminder of the fact that you ARE married. Cute concept…

Dyrdek’s Blog

Check out Rob Dyrdek’s blog at

Tells the tale of a TON of projects he has on the go. The guy is one of the busiest ive seen…

(Today is also the man’s birthday, so a big ol happy bday Rob)

Also, People are asking what happened to the Rob And Big Tee’s I did, and the answer is I have no idea. There is a store section on the Dyrdek site, maybe they’ll pop up there, Im not sure.

( another pic of the Monster tee I remixed)

Rob Dyrdek, and Rob Dyrdek

Rock and Roll the Dough.

These are two images I Art Directed for a national Advertising Campaign. I wont mention the company as it didnt quite pan out to my liking, but the images are dope none the less. The first is my Wife, Johanna, and the second is my Grandmother, Mona. There is no shame in exploiting your family to stay on budget!

Photographs by Nick Simhoni

Coffee Table Hunt

Ive been searching for a new coffee table to go along with our new couch, which will be delivered in a week and a half, and I stumbled on this.

Now, it doesnt look like much at first, but I found it interesting. Its “collapsable” and is made this way to lower its carbon footprint.

“This coffee table represents the ultimate in versatility and a step towards environmentally conscious design. The amount of energy and pollutants, expended into the environment, required to ship a piece of furniture can easily exceed the energy used to construct it. Since most furniture doesn’t consume energy during use, shipping can be the largest part of its environmental footprint. With this in mind we designed a table base that folds up to 1/20th the size of a conventional coffee table. This equates to more efficient shipping.”

You can assort it in numerous ways, depending on your feelings, room size, etc. Its sold w/o glass ( at only $144) ad I kinda like it… Wish it came in powder coated white, though. below are other ways to assemble the “Turning Point Coffee Table”

get yours at Jet Age Furniture

Then… Theres the laptop coffee table from Dwell

This one is pretty amazing for apartment living, especially My apartment. Again, wish it came in white.