I saw this rug at a King Street East design shop, and fell in love Immediatley. If I can afford it ( Which I doubt), it will be in the living room.

Designed by Rug Star (Jurgen Dahlmanns)


A Short Love Story

“A Short Love Story In Stop Motion” is a mix of stop motion and 2D animation created by artist and animator Carlos Lascano.

Its quite touching and thought out using stop motion, 2d animation and even a tad bit of video.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Sneakily stolen from Shape and Colour

This Is Process Train Car Project

Im proud to be a part of a project to show in Brooklyn on October 10th at PAPA B STUDIOS

For almost two years now PROCESS has been organizing a massive group show, called the Train Car Project, which features 60 arists from around the world, ranging in all different styles. For the project, each artist was supplied with a train car illustration (shown below), in the medium of their choice; either as a 3-color screenprint or a digital vector file. Once recieved, the artists had complete creative control to do what they wanted with the train.

RJD2 Work It Out Video

What a super hot video and track!!!!!

a must see.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Via Fruit Service:

This is the video for Rjd2’s “Work It Out” from ‘The Third Hand’ (XL Recordings). The vid features Bill Shannon who was born with a degenerative hip condition. His legs cannot carry his own weight and so he has lived a life on crutches. He has developed a new way of moving through life on his skateboard and the crutches. Though this may look like a recreational hobby or a debilitation, it is simply how Bill maneuvers throughout the day. In time to Rjd2’s song “Work It Out” we follow Bill as he makes his way around. Rjd2 plays several extras which you can try to spot as well.

The video, directed by Joey Garfield, is one continuous single shot for nearly the length of the song.

For more information on Bill Shannon, please see http://www.virtualprovocateur.com/

Shepard Fairey is clearly successful.

Recently Shepard fairey (Obey) had a solo show at White Walls Gallery in San Francisco. It was called Duality Of Humanity and was an extreme success…

With over 130 pieces and some reaching prices of $30,000, he managed to nearly sell out the entire show. I think that equals a successful attempt. Click here for pics.

On October 11th, Mike Giant will have a show at the same gallery, and yours truly will be there…