Toronto Is Awesome

A lot of my local blog rants will also be found  on, go check it out, its great and im blogging beside some awesome torontonians. And if you want to know any other happenings around the great country of the north, check out and see a ton of other city’s…

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Sony Bravia Domino City

I absolutely love these ads. The score, colorful presentation, and simplicity make them absolutely brilliant. Mind you, putting them together is far from simple…Here are the Domino’s falling throughout a city in India.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Jenny Holzer At MOCA Chicago

Jenny Holzer’s most prominent creations, which are glowing text-based installations fashioned over the last 30 years on everything from billboards and building façades to rock faces and crashing waves.

A new exhibition, which opened on Saturday the 25th at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago, Jenny Holzer: Protect Protect, examines the artist’s work since the 1990s across a breadth of media including futuristic LED installations, sculpture, light projections, and paintings based on declassified government documents.


I’ve been speaking a lot on San Francisco lately, as I just went back for the first time in 6 years. I lived there for 6 years, and its one of the clear reasons why I am who I am today.

I found a documentary on an epic piece of architecture in San Fran, The Golden Gate Bridge.

The unique thing about this documentary is it’s real topic, which is suicide by jumping from The Bridge.

Its riveting, in your face, heart breaking and absolutely stunning. I’ll admit I loved it, and for anyone who’s crossed the massive piece of steel, I think you would too. If you havent had the chance to visit SF, this may bring you closer to the real city, and it shows a locals perspective, in a way. It also brings a new light to suicide, and why the bridge brings over 20 people a year there to jump. You’ll even hear from a bridge survivor who changed his mind as soon as he jumped…

The Bridge can be purchased through their site, highlighted above, or you can watch the 94 minute film HERE, via Google Video.

*Update – See the trailer below.

Icooly for Ipod Touch

I just grabbed an Ipod touch ( which is amazing) and I have been researching for stands, etc for it. Im sure a lot of iphone users are doing the same thing. The best one ive found is the Icooly…

It makes the touch match an Imac, which I also own.From what I hear, the Touch is a bit smaller than the Iphone, so be weary when buying any casing or stands for either.

Obama Art work

A lot of Obama artwork has surfaced over the past few months, but there a re a few that have opened my eyes. Of course Shepard Fairey’s has a certain significance to it, but also Robert Indiana’s HOPE poster holds a lot of interest. Robert Indiana is the artist that designed the LOVE PARK logo/sculpture.

You can get yours HERE priced at $2500.00

This print is edition of 150, Silkscreen with archival paints in colors, 100% rag, acid free paper hand finished at edges. All purchases made on the Artist for Obama Gallery are 100% contributions to the campaign and count toward your overall contribution limit of $4600. Contributions are not tax deductible for federal income tax purposes.