When I first heard this track on 808’s And Heartbreak, i fell in love instantly. Just the melodic monotone rhythm, simple lyrics, and inspiring theme made me nod my head thinking HELL YES. Now, watching the video, I’m absolutely sold. Look at those landscapes, and colors! I’m glad he chose to put this track up… Enjoy.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

T.O. River

Went out for a ride with on Sunday with friends, in a crazy water way near a golfcourse. Photos by Ted

First stop was this mini gap thingy. Theressa was a bit nervous about going in the water, but she overcame that fear quickly.

Trying to rock some under the bridge mid-fives and trying to show off…

The highlight was this dude Jeff, who happens to be immune to pain and embarrassment. Lets just say he fell, many times and rocks.