Matt Barnes Promo

For the past few months, I’ve been shooting ideas around with Photographer Matt Barnes on a promotional product for him. Something next level to send out in order to wow some key people. Matt is one of the best Music photographers in the business, but also he is simply an amazing Commercial Photographer. What we’ve done is designed a package which includes 7″ picture disc vinyl records, fully pressed with remixes by my good friend DJ Platurn, and even features an intro by Snoop Dogg. ( Recorded when they worked together in Montreal a couple years back). It has a 2 sided bonus poster, and a total of 6 large promotional images, with 30 additional thumbs. The final product is looking amazing, and I’ll give you a snippet of the final cover artwork, and inside panel. When its complete, we’ll be doing an official shoot of it all, and i’ll post then…

Inside gatefold panel


Ghost In The Machine

I dont know much about this person except their FLICKR name is iri5. I DO however know how they were able to execute the project below using cassette tapes and a projector. Its extremely well executed, and pretty damned cool.



Robert Smith

Tom Waits

Pix Studio Radio

The radio is something I don’t pay attention to anymore. It seems the mp3 revolution has somewhat blocked my desire to really listen to something new everyday, seeing there is so much crap music out there now. or maybe its just that I’m getting older, and am becoming stuck in my ways. The answer, I’m not too sure of, but this radio has something that would make want to use it to find a great soul station. It was designed by Pix Studio, and has been completely simplified down. You raise the antennae and move it left and right to find the station you want, and to raise or lower the volume, you simply turn the speaker left or right… pretty remarkable.

Check the studio here