Banksy Vs. Bristol Museum

Speaking of banksy, he had an opening in his hometown of Bristol last week. heres the video clip of what was to be expected. I’ll say it now, He will go down as one of the greatest artists ever.


Classified – Anybody Listening

A Canadian Artist (Halifax) put out a video for his new single “Anybody Listening” recently. Take a look.

A few things really get to me about this video. For one, copyright infringement. He uses the extensive hard work of artists Shepard Fairey and Banksy and turns their strong political ideas and modern legendary works of art into garbage by adding a useless, pointless twist into it, which happens to be the rapper himself. I hope you get sued.

Also, Obama’s “HOPE” piece (By Fairey) with a picture of a white mediocre rapper from Halifax??? Really? I mean, yes everyone used that application where you can throw your pic into it and create meaningless facebook pictures, but adding it as a signifigant part of your music video? Please spare the public of your idiocy, and immediatley stop putting yourself beside one of history’s greatest moments.

I would strongly advise you pull that video, as this will get to Shep and Banksy.

Sunday June 14th, Toronto

Trinity bellwoods park, sporadic party!

On Sunday June 14th i want all of you to bring your friends to Trinity Bellwoods park and have a MASSIVE picnic …
invite everyone you know … tell everyone …
Sunday June 14th … at Trinity Bellwoods will be THE place to be …

bring your baskets of food .. bring your frisbees .. bring your blankets …

let’s make this the most amazing picnic Toronto has ever seen …

invite all your friends …
tell everybody …

let’s fill the park with people ….


I just posted some fun we had with some free Carlsberg at Torontoisawesome, but figured I’d end it here. We took a bunch of ill portraits of the crew and their bikes after a big ride, got a lil buzzed and had a skid competition on my street… Photography by Ted Power.

Jeff with the basket of Carlsberg love

Ted Power /  Ray


me me me (and Lucy)


Big Bad Chef Dusty

The dude from LA I forgot your name. I’ll do that a few times, sorry. and My Man Henri

henri has a sick ride…

Jason (Eyes closed pic fail), and the dude from New Zealand. Bike’s for sale fellas!

John who totally causes accidents.

Richard bringing sweaty back!

argh, cant remember your name dude… sorry.

Skid comp! Dusty ended up murdering us…