Happy Birthday Mike Giant

My buddy Mike is 38 years old today, and still living life as a twenty something. He is one of the most down to earth, great people I’ve ever had the chance to meet and love every minute we hang together. For my friends in San Francisco, Mike will be hanging at “The Page” tonight after 10pm. It’s just down the street from The Skullz Press at Page and Divisadero. Please buy him a drink from me, and give him a hug.

Also, Congrats on writing “Giant” for 20 years, HUUUGE!


Habode is the new condo.

When you buy some land, rig it and get it ready to be habitable and then see this coming down the street, you wonder – “Did I make the right decision?”

I think you did. A HABODE  – designed by International Housing Solutions Ltd is a pre-fabricated home that arrives on a truck, and folds out similar to a transformer. It can be shipped practically anywhere as it meets international shipping standards, and at about 860 sq feet, it’s quite brilliantly designed.

If I ever buy cottage land in Northern Ontario, I will be considering a Habode.

Stephanie Kuga is brilliant.

However, I dont think she knows it just yet.

Stephanie is a graphic design student, or at least was during her last website update. Her work is very clean, and traditional, with the exception of one project.

The Organ Donor Gift Box

She says “Less than 30% of Americans are registered organ donors. These boxes would be given to potential donors to encourage them to give “the gift of life.”

I love this concept more than life itself. It must be the water she drank in San Dimas, a city in which she had lived in before landing in Silver Lake. ( I spent years in San Dimas as a child as well) I hope Stephanie creates more cute yet life changing concepts such as this, with a “plush toy” base. I could see this in every boutique toy shop in the country, as well as every hospital gift lounge. Great job Stephanie, I’ll take a set of lungs.

Via The Dieline.

IDEALL $20.09 Summer Sale

Friend and fellow designer Bryan be is having a summer sale. For those who dont know, he has some of the smartest tee’s in the graphic game and probably some of the best twitter writing i’ve ever seen. Click here to see the goods. Some of my personal favorites are as follows:

Michael Tee. This one made me initiate conversation with Bryan, The red joint ( Which is only avail in small right now) caught my eye and is executed flawlessly. if youre a small, get it now. It’s so unfortunate that I don’t own this shirt.

Gigantic Tee. This one is self explanatory, as the bay area will always have a piece of my heart. I rep this one in athletic grey all the time…