Caplansky’s Delicatessen

Yesterday for lunch I ventured to Caplansky’s Delicatessen, located at 356 College St ( Just west of Kensington market). We walked up at 12pm on a Friday afternoon and I knew I’d like the spot as soon as I saw the beautiful classic blue sign and simple decor, plus the place was rammed, with a line up of people grumbling due to the fact that the most talked about smoked meat deli, was fresh out of smoked meat. We noticed the patio was free, and asked for a seat ( It was pretty cold outside, but not THAT cold).

We over heard the owner, Zane Caplansky say that in 2 weeks, they have been through 10,000 lbs of meat. WOW, Thats an awful lot, especially when it takes up to 2 weeks to cure and smoke it by hand, which they do.

We ordered the breakfast specials, which includes smoked beef bacon (yes, Its real, and yes its amazing), a few eggs, latkes and challah. Ill be honest, best breakfast I’ve had in Toronto. Now, the rave is about the smoked meat, and by the glimpse I got with my beef, im ready to eat. We ended up speaking to Zane, who was very humble and real and said he will not have any until around Oct 1st. Fine by me, im patient… I commented on the decor, which I was in love with, ( And Zane, its not a bad website either), he told me the interior architecture was done by a 70 yr old Architect ( but my memory is horrible and I cant remember his name). When I find out i’ll update…

Basically, go eat at Caplansky’s next week. Youll love it.