Ronnie Fieg Spinmaker for Sebago

I own these and theyre my favorite shoes.

I think i’ll buy another pair for next summer.



Earlier today Los Angeles was hit with a message from MSK/AWR/7TH LETTER.

If you have no idea who that is, its 3 intertwined notorious and talented graffiti crews based in LA. Ive been following them closely since my 6 year stay in San Francisco, which during that time members Revok, Saber, Sever, Fate, Norm, Havoc, Tie (RIP) and others ran the city’s graffiti game. I was in awe, nearly every week.

Todays message wasnt about getting respect, or burning over pieces. It was about graffiti as an art form, and legal practice of that art form. Theres been a fight in Los Angeles for some time, and Toronto is beginning to feel that same battle. This is what well respected Los Angeles Writers do to get the word out.

Not only did they write every crew name, artists name. But also End Mural Moratorium &  Art Is Not A Crime. To see more of the sky writing of today, click here.