MAD C. 700 Wall.

Amazing. She has more talent in her pinky than most complete writers.


Bangin’ and Clangin’: The Redneck Hippie

I came across this video by Philip Bloom yesterday. Its a short doc focusing on one Texans love for guns, bmx and his friends. There’s something about him thats so honest and cool, even though he’s a Redneck Hippie.


Bryan Espiritu

Bryan Espiritu is becoming a household name in Canada, and parts of Southern USA. He has an urban brand (Ideall Clothing), an amazing blog (The Legends League), is an amazing designer and is now exploring a career in fine art.

I’ve been fortunate to become a friend and watch his career grow, listen to his struggles, and offer anything I could as far as help, guidance, advice or friendship. He’s an amazing soul, and as he further explores himself I feel we’re witnessing one of the world’s great minds create.

In May I was able to curate a show with him entitled Because The Kids Don’t Play. Click here for that show’s recap.

Below is a video recently released showing the processes of the pieces. It was fun to watch in person, and its fun to watch again. Keep an eye out for Bryan, you’ll see him in your city or country soon.

Gold Taxidermy

I saw these on Hi-Fructose Magazine’s flickr page, and it blew my mind.

I’m a collector of all things Canadiana, I own a few rabbit pelts, a mounted Deer head and Angus cow hide rug. The second I saw these, I was floored and my mind started racing.

I’ve been searching for the artist but have come up empty. If you know anything please drop me a line.