Ice Skating In The Yukon

Reason alone to love Canada


Drips With Krink

Vice did a fantastic job of interviewing and somewhat documenting the processes of KR’s recent work. He’s gone from being one of the most prolific graffiti artists to ever rock a throw up, to a household name in the pockets of all artists that preceded him. I lived in San Francisco at the same time as KR, and loved his style, his spots and cleanliness.  Enjoy the video at Freshness (As I cant figure out how to embed the darned thing properly)

The Little Printer

I came across this on Upso’s Think Faest twitter account.

The little printer is a subscription based mini-newspaper of sorts that you can read daily, it releases in 2012. Subscribe via iphone, or your home computer (I believe) and you’re able to keep up with whatever it is you like. I can see a 365 day project coming to my fridge soon…

Check the video below: