La Carnita Presents: DOS

Im curating a fantastic art/music/food event in July entitled DOS, along side La Carnita: Toronto’s best Taco Restaurant and One Method: A killer design house. This is the follow up to last year’s UNO.

The kicker this year is that La Carnita will be sharing the food stage with BIG STAR CHICAGO. Who else brings whole restaurants over the border for Toronto to experience? Nooooooobody! The theme behind DOS is -VS-, so we’ll have two restaurants going all out serving the best tacos imaginable. We’ll also have DJ Platurn -vs- Grandtheft on 4 turntables going track for track, and 40 of my favorite artists and friends sharing a theme of their choice, to create individual works that cohere within their idea. Some will collaborate, some will compete…It’s going to be amazing.

More info HERE.



Photographing Gals in Los Angeles

Now, this can be fun, and was but keep i mind this was a TON of work. I tagged along with Matt Barnes as we shot for VLUP Magazine, a subsidiary of Hot Rod/Low Rider magazine in Los Angeles.

Check out the video to see how it played out, see the final shots here