La Carnita Presents: DOS

Im curating a fantastic art/music/food event in July entitled DOS, along side La Carnita: Toronto’s best Taco Restaurant and One Method: A killer design house. This is the follow up to last year’s UNO.

The kicker this year is that La Carnita will be sharing the food stage with BIG STAR CHICAGO. Who else brings whole restaurants over the border for Toronto to experience? Nooooooobody! The theme behind DOS is -VS-, so we’ll have two restaurants going all out serving the best tacos imaginable. We’ll also have DJ Platurn -vs- Grandtheft on 4 turntables going track for track, and 40 of my favorite artists and friends sharing a theme of their choice, to create individual works that cohere within their idea. Some will collaborate, some will compete…It’s going to be amazing.

More info HERE.



Classified – Anybody Listening

A Canadian Artist (Halifax) put out a video for his new single “Anybody Listening” recently. Take a look.

A few things really get to me about this video. For one, copyright infringement. He uses the extensive hard work of artists Shepard Fairey and Banksy and turns their strong political ideas and modern legendary works of art into garbage by adding a useless, pointless twist into it, which happens to be the rapper himself. I hope you get sued.

Also, Obama’s “HOPE” piece (By Fairey) with a picture of a white mediocre rapper from Halifax??? Really? I mean, yes everyone used that application where you can throw your pic into it and create meaningless facebook pictures, but adding it as a signifigant part of your music video? Please spare the public of your idiocy, and immediatley stop putting yourself beside one of history’s greatest moments.

I would strongly advise you pull that video, as this will get to Shep and Banksy.

Obama’s Custom Cadillac.

below is President Obama’s new ride while in Office. The secret service are calling it THE BEAST and from a design stand point, it sure is. However this ride is purely function over fashion.

From Cadillac:

“The presidential vehicle is built to precise and special specifications, undergoes extreme testing and development, and also incorporates many of the top aspects of Cadillac’s ‘regular’ cars — such as signature design, hand-cut-and-sewn interiors, etc.,” a GM spokesperson confirmed.

“Cadillac is honoured to serve and renew this great tradition,” she said. “And it is entirely appropriate that an American president has at his service a great American vehicle.”

Now, “that extreme testing and development” really means bulletproof glass, flatproof tires, and armour to fend off machine gun fire and meteors. Reportedly the armor surrounding the car is at least five inches thick making it, as some news outlets have put it, “rocket-resistant.” The interior is a “cocoon” to seal off from chemical attacks.