Gun Crime Solution Steps Start with Bullet Control

*Update: Ive been re-sending this out with the news of the horrible tragedy in Newtown, CT. Something has to happen here, and this concept is easy and could work. Lets make change.

I currently live in Toronto. I have for nearly 10 years, and if I can agree with one thing our mayor has said, its I think my city is safe. Safer than most, at least. I have never felt unsafe, or in harms way at any given hour walking through any neighbourhood here.

Thats untrue for some, they feel we’re in trouble, and I can agree with that as well. I think the city is headed in the wrong direction, and also politically being lead in the wrong direction.

Our Mayor, Rob FORD believes we need to cut back on social programs (Which my wife is employed in) and gear up on more police (Which my cousin is employed in). I couldn’t disagree more with him, as I feel the police should go through the Social Work college programs before police academy, but thats another post.

Heres my pitch:

Bullet Control. 

“Ammunition sales are going gangbusters in 2012, with bullet manufacturer Olin Corp. reporting a 13 percent increase in civilian sales this year so far”

We’ve all seen Chris Rock’s take on bullets, and I dont believe he’s too far off. But I have a different approach than this one.

Making a bullet extremely expensive would definitely halt gun use in general, but there are hunters, police, and people who feel they deserve to have firearms, and bullets, etc. I dont support hunting or owning a firearm, but its a variable in my analysis and Im trying to make everyone happy. Plus the theft of bullets, buying in underground rings, etc would come into play and you’d still have problems.

My solution is to alter the sale and MANUFACTURING  process of the bullet, and its similar to Mobile phone manufacturing, tracking and sale.

Think about your mobile phone, and how hard it is to steal one, or alter an account that isnt yours. They all have serial numbers, and are tracked by manufacturing plant, store, right to your door.

Each bullet sold should be similar. They should have a serial number, stamped into the inside of the rear casing so it cannot be rubbed off, and only used in forensic activity. That serial number, corresponds to the box it came from. If a box of bullets is 1000 bullets, then those 1000 bullets hold the same serial number, and that serial is also printed and tracked on the box, which is linked to the case, which is linked to the store it was sold to, which is linked to the manufacturing plant.

When a case is purchased by a retail outlet, These serials are tracked to that store, and in return when a customer buys a box of bullets, that serial number is assigned to that person, with ID and credit card. Just like your iPhone or Blackberry.

In the event that bullets are stolen, tracking will know which location they were taken from, or if they were unregistered and stolen from the manufacturer. Just like your iPhone, android or Blackberry.

This eliminates or hinders the re-sale of bullets, as all names are tracked through your ID. If a person commits a crime and fires a gun, the bullet is found, dismantled at the rear casing, and you have where it came from, which Country, state, city and store, time of purchase, type of payment and… Name/ID of purchaser. A great start for police questioning.

This is especially effective in gang shootings, or inner city crime as the ammunition is now attached to a buyer. Nobody wants to be responsible for death.

*Update: In the case of Adam Lanza and the Newtown Shooting, the guns were registered to his mother, Nancy Lanza legally. This scenario brought up a good point, especially since the gunman made himself apparent at the crime, and had the exit strategy of suicide. This Sandy Hook senario could only have been stopped by my concept if the over 100 rounds of bullets fired were purchased by Adam Himself. Showing a gun license (which should obtain all your gun registry information) when purchasing bullets  should only allow you to purchase bullets for guns you have registered to you. In this case and with my concept, Nancy Lanza would have been be the only one able to purchase ammunition for her fire arms, and she is responsible for these fire arms AND these bullets. In the mobile device world, I would not be able to call Verizon, or Bell and add on anything to anyones mobile account unless I either proved I was them, or was a secondary user on their account. This is similar, and based on this, Adam Lanza would not have been able to purchase ammunition for the guns used in the Sandy Hook elementary school shooting.

Its a simple alteration to the process of manufacturing bullets and purchasing them, and a great marketing plan to hinder the resale of bullets in all communities. A nice scare tactic that brings ownership to a very dangerous purchase, while still allowing Americans who feel its their right to own ammunition, and guns to do so.

I urge our  Canadian/US politicians to entertain this idea, and I hope Michael Moore sees this.

It can work.